Losing the winter coat: weight loss tips


In practice, it is not uncommon to see clients gain between 2-5kgs during the winter months. It’s a lot easier to put on weight as we all know, so heres Victorias tips on how you can start to shed that winter coat:

  1. Movement – This is a very straight forward way of getting back into the fitness routine you had before Winter. Finding a gym buddy, setting yourself realistic goals, joining a new sports team or attending our strength & conditioning class can be a great way of kicking things off after winter. If you’d prefer a more one on one approach, we design 6 week gym programs that are tailored to your individual needs and you have complete access to our rehabilitation gym whenever you want. Every 2 weeks, we will have a one on one session to review your exercise program and change it accordingly. The most popular version of this program is a 6 week program to strengthen up that old injury that you’ve let prevent you from participating in activities such as tennis, golf and walking that you used to enjoy in the past. The extra benefit of our programs are that physios are constantly in and out of the rehab gym and will always answer any questions or adjust your technique if you’re doing the exercise incorrectly
  2. Meal Preferences – In winter we are more guilty of seeking out those hearty meals which put on weight. As we are starting to head into spring, its time to switch our meals around. Base your meals on vegetables and legumes, which are full of fibre to fill you up and you are less likely to need huge portions and in turn consume less calories then you had from those hearty winter meals you’ve been having
  3. Check your fluids – if coffees, hot chocolate and teas have taken preference over water this winter, chances are you have been dehydrated and are also consuming more calories. Yes 250mL of milk needs to be treated as a meal or snack as it is a significant amount of calories!. As a general rule of thumb, have no more than 2 milk coffees/beverages a day. Otherwise, stick to water, sparkling water or herbal teas. Coffee alone has shown in research (below 4 cups) to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, however this was without milk and 6 or more actually increase their fat stores which emphasises that moderation is the key!

If you feel like its going to be difficult to shed that winter coat, Victoria is available for consultations on Wednesdays at Inform Physio + Fitness from 2-7pm. To make an appointment please call reception on 9543 1888.