Luke Bertram
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Luke graduated from Charles Sturt University Albury in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in Health Science Podiatry and is a member of Australian Sports Medicine (ASM) and the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM).

He has worked in a variety of public and private clinics covering the broad scope of Podiatry. Initially in the Podiatry department of Gosford Hospital treating high risk patients and working closely with orthopaedic and vascular surgeons for best treatment outcomes. Luke then moved to the UK where he worked in a number of NHS clinics across England while backpacking through Europe.

Luke recently left  a private practice in Queensland where there is a focus on the running athlete, with run technique coaching is provided alongside a Biomechanist part of the treatment process as well as integrating the right footwear.

Luke has and still participates in a variety of sports including Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Football (soccer), touch Footy, CrossFit and even a bit of Netball. Naturally, he has a keen interest in sports related injuries to the lower limb  with a particular focus in the running athlete. Having suffered numerous injuries in the past, he understands the athletes frustration when you are unable to take to the field, court or track. Luke assesses closely your current training regime to ensure your return to activity is as smooth a possible. The core of Luke’s assessment  is to look at the body as one kinetic chain with the aid of slow motion capture technology to assist in identifying and managing specific biomechanical faults.

As well as sports podiatry, Luke also performs general treatments, diabetes assessments, nail surgery and Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT).