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If you are just starting out and need some help to achieve your fitness and health goals informFIT is for you.

informFIT is our unique 12 week group training program led by a qualified Exercise Physiologist, designed to focus on cardio fitness, core strengthening, flexibility, balance, functional strength and weight loss.





Kinetic Link Training
Improve and maintain optimum musculoskeletal health .

Explore full body dynamic movements and the value of kinetic link training.  Kinetic link training is an efficient, systematic and highly effective approach to fitness training. We train movement patterns, not individual muscles, by using a proven and precise system of training.

KLT is ideal for rehabilitation following injury, occupation conditioning and sports performance.

$25 per session OR $220 for 10 pack pass


With a specific running strength program you can improve running efficiency, speed, endurance and be injury free.

Join our 10 week RunFit group training program as part of your weekly running program.

$25 per session or $220 for 10 pack pass




Seniors Strength and Balance
Our strength and balance program runs for 10 weeks and consists of education and group exercise classes, as well as individualised home exercises.  The class is run by a physiotherapist in a small group setting, within our fully equipped gym facility and is individually tailored to meet each person’s needs.  Each participant is assessed pre and post participation in the program.

It is beneficial to a variety of seniors including those with an increased falls risk, decreased mobility, neurological conditions, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.  Our classes can assist in improving                                                                                     strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and confidence.

$20 per session or $180 for 10 pack pass

Pre and post assessment $72


Men’s Core
This one is for the guys who like to train hard and need to improve their core.  Using a combination of pilates and functional strength training to improve and maintain optimal musculoskeletal health.

$25 per session or $220 for 10 pack pass